Vectore is a research and engineering start-up helping businesses to be AI ready.

Our goals are to 

Create digital assets to lower the barrier of entry into AI and make AI more accessible.

Create an open platform for collaboration through shared knowledge, engaging in Ai community enhancing start-up ecosystem.

Create AI products and services to solve age old business challenges in financial sectors which will demonstrate operational effectiveness and commercial strength.


Our core capabilities


Real-time Data Stream for AI

With the advancement of AI algorithms, there is still an overwhelming need to process data real-time. Traditional data management and processing capabilities have fallen short in AI solutions and now, more than ever, organisations need to think about how we can collect, store, manage, process, supply and govern data real-time. 

We are working on constructing a data ecosystem which will define

  • The way data is managed within and outside the organisations
  • The policies and framework in place to track, manage and govern data
  • Delivering technology solutions to enable data to be processed and transmitted  and consumed real-time.

AI Compute platform

With many sources of information that need to be processed via AI applications, needs a large compute power. AI platforms and infrastructure  is largely growing upon the foundation of open source and cloud platforms. There are new challenges and incumbents in the fields who will define the way AI infrastructure needs to work.

We work with clients to advise on AI computer strategy and research the current state of play. 

AI powered solutions and services

Today more than ever, AI has become a reality in many ways. We have seen products which is constantly incorporating AI in their product and service offering.  However, this new wave of technology has a way to mature. There are questions to be understood the appropriateness and necessity of AI in certain cases. 

We partner with clients to co-create AI strategy and solutions.  


AI ecosystem capablities


Questions about our services. 


Conversational AI via Natural Language Processing

Self-sustaining technology platform powered by Artificial Intelligence can proactively predict, detect, prevent system failure and and bring system back online through self-healing.

Robotics Process Automation

Robotics Automation is an initial vehicle for digitisation and lays best possible foundation for AI.

Prediction and prevention through Deep Learning   

Business Problem - Today's enterprise applications are not built for future. It doesn't not keep up with market needs, customer behaviour change or with IT system maintenance needs.